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Join us every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between June 26th and August 2nd for our So Flo Summer Clinics!

The Tuesday clinics will be Technical based and will cover a new area each week ranging from ball mastery and footwork to shooting and goalkeeping. A great way to fine tune your skills in preparation for the soccer season.

On Wednesdays we will be indoors running our Futsal clinics. Improve control, first touch and foot skills on the hardwood. The heavier ball and playing in indoor sneakers offers a new dimension of training to players that will enhance their ball familiarity and foot dexterity.

And finally, on Thursdays we have are our Agility and Footwork clinics. Being able to change direction at speed and possessing lightning fast feet is not only important in soccer but in almost every team sport. That is why this clinic is not only open to soccer players. Lacrosse, Basketball, American Football, the list goes on, are all invited to train with our Speed, Agility and Quickness AND NASM Personal Training certified trainers.

We are offering these sessions at either $20 per individual session or a training package of 12 clinics for $192. That's only $16 for an hour of quality training. The best part of this package is that YOU pick the 12 sessions you want. If you want to do all 6 Futsal clinics and 6 Technical clinics that's perfectly fine! Alternatively you might want to do 4 of each clinic. That works too! We know that summer is a time for family vacations so this package allows flexibility to work around your travel plans so you don't end up paying for weeks of training that you might never get to attend.

All clinics will be held from 6:00pm-7:00pm at the Mandel JCC on Hood Road in Palm Beach Gardens.

Click the button below to be taken to the registration page where you can select the clinics you wish to attend and also submit payment.