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Whatever your training needs, we've got you covered. From private one on one training to large group soccer camps, we do it all at So Flo Coaching

Pick any of our various training options below and let us apply our expert knowledge towards helping you push past your individual expectations


Individual Training

Through a combination of 20+ years of soccer coaching, the coaches at SFC have learned that no two players respond the same way to training. That is why we stay clear of generic training sessions and focus on the exact areas we highlight that we can improve. As part of our training service, your coach will observe you in your competitive games in order to create training sessions tailor made to your needs. If you have a weakness, we will find it and fix it. Book your first session today and see what you've been missing in your soccer training journey.


Speed, Agility and Quickness Clinic

Learn techniques that will help you change direction quicker, accelerate and decelerate more rapidly and improve overall running form to increase your top speed. Our intensive SAQ clinics are certain to help your on field athleticism and will have you leaving opponents in your dust in no time

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Indoor Futsal

So Flo Indoor Soccer Training emphasizes the fundamentals of basic technique and foot dexterity on hardwood floors. Starting with "Tiny Tots - Parents and Me" classes for ages 2-3, we provide a curriculum that engages the children with entertaining activities that promote motor skill development and cognitive ability. We then offer classes for players aged 4-10 with more technical based training, with a focus on learning the small game aspect of soccer whilst improving visual awareness and reaction speed in smaller spaces.


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Group Training

In our small group training sessions, players get to experience more game situational training. 1v1, 2v1 and 2v2 attacking and defending, passing patterns and more. The SFC coaches ensure each individual involved receives corrective instruction. The sessions will move and progress at a pace that is ideal for all participants. Grab a friend or two and schedule your group training session now.


Beach Soccer

Take advantage of South Florida's beautiful beaches by practicing the beautiful game. The So Flo Beach Soccer clinics are excellent for improving aerial control, heading and volleying, as well as being great fun (not to mention a great leg workout). Players will learn all the varying rules and tactics involved in beach soccer and there is the added option of entering beach tournaments during the off season

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Preseason Fitness

This intensive summer training camp is the best way to prepare teams for the upcoming season. With Travel soccer training commencing late August/early September and the first games being held no more than a month later, it leaves very little time to get teams in physically great shape. In order to cope with the demands of playing 50-90 minutes under the south Florida sun right away, it is important to begin fitness training during the off season. The So Flo Preseason Fitness Camp is open to motivated teams or individuals looking to get a head start on their rivals

So Flo Soccer Camp

We design our camp curriculum with the same attention to detail that we apply to our individual training sessions. Campers will work on technical base training, tactical knowledge and application as well as speed and agility training and small sided games. We want every player to remain constantly engaged throughout the day. Our two main goals for every camp are for players to learn something new each day and to finish each week with some lasting positive memories. The energy and fun Coach Eric and Coach Neil bring ensures every player will be laughing throughout the day.

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Strength and Conditioning Training

Soccer is a physically demanding sport. It makes sense that the better players are not just technically more competent but also stronger, more powerful and with higher stamina. That is why it's so important to improve all areas of your game. Our strength and conditioning programs are designed to develop player strength, power and overall fitness in a safe and controlled manner. Training is run by our NASM certified Personal Trainer and involves primarily body weight exercises as well as education on injury prevention techniques that will work towards creating and maintaining the complete player

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Adult League Partnerships

So Flo Coaching is partnering up with adult soccer leagues around south Florida in order to provide quality soccer training to kids whilst their parents play. Click below to see which leagues near you have taken advantage of this great opportunity